Let your chain break your praise, or you can let your praise break your chain.

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God will use your situation to let someone else free, God is using some of you to break generational curses. Things that you struggle with, your children will not struggle with them how you struggle with because you were willing to embrace the chains.

Phil 1:18

When You are in the worst situation of you life that God is doing the most through you.

Made him go blind so he can really see, Took away his physical side so he can show him something spiritual, Knocked him down so he can raise him up.

Do you know how much better you would sleep at nights if you had this on your wrist? When Paul praised God at midnight all of the chains of all the prisoners came loose. Sometimes God will use your situation to free others.

The more you think you're in control the younger your kids are...

Phil 1:18

What does it matter? The important thing is that in every way, weather from false motives or true, Christ is preached and because of this I rejoice. Yes and I will continue to rejoice.

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Paul Teaches us

A Paradox that he can write the happiest book of the bible in a prison cell and that he is writing about the progress of the gospel while he himself is on lockdown.

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Only Jesus Can

People can't complete you only Jesus can, why would you live for the approval of people?

I Wouldn't

I wouldn't choose this chains but actually if it takes my chains to set somebody free, if it takes my pain if it takes going through a season of loneliness to really discover joy I will choose the chains I rather have chains on my feet and be free in my mind and free in my spirit, and free in my conscious.